Financial Planning

Be in the driver’s seat as you make your way towards your financial goals.

Find the Financial Plan that Fits

When it comes to financial planning, most people are just wondering where to start. If you’re in the same boat, you’re exactly where you need to be. With help from the advisors at Fingerlakes Wealth Management, you can be in the driver’s seat as you make your way towards your goals.

The first step is reaching out to us. And once we decide to start working together, your advisor will begin gathering any relevant financial information. Think income, net worth, expenses and taxes, savings and contributions, a list of dependents, family members and friends, and — of course — your goals. We enter as much information as possible into a specialized financial planning tool, which allows us to create a solid path to help you reach every milestone on your journey.

The more information we have, the more detailed and accurate your financial plan will become. With our goal planner, we can highlight what’s important without overwhelming you with information. This tool gives you a clear picture of how well-positioned you are to achieve your goals, offering probabilities based on different scenarios.

For instance, you might be asking yourself, “When will I be able to retire?”, or “Do I have enough in my 401k?” Viewing scenarios side-by-side based off of these questions can help you figure out what’s most important.  

Your advisor can also make adjustments in real-time, responding to immediate feedback and making the entire process more engaging and collaborative. Test out different hypotheticals, like increasing your retirement contribution by 2%. Or play with time frames, like retiring at 70 instead of 65. Seeing how these decisions can impact your plans will help you prioritize.

Our team can also create interactive reports to help tell your story. These reports will help you understand:

  • Your lifetime portfolio and how the values change year by year
  • Probability of the success of your plan
  • How volatility can impact your portfolio
  • Asset performance in below average, average, and above average markets
  • Total expenses compared to available funding
  • Estate planning techniques
  • Surviving spouse’s income
  • Distribution comparisons for estate planning

See? Financial planning doesn’t have to be intimidating. The tools and information we’ll give you unlock all sorts of possibilities. Whatever road you choose to go down, we can create a financial plan that fits.

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