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We can’t control the future. But we can have some control over the present. By talking with your family about the current state of your finances, your future plans, and your wishes for your estate after you’re gone, you’ll help everyone put their best foot forward and prepare for whatever is to come.
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5 Key Questions to Help You Find a Financial Advisor You Will Like and Trust

Before you start working with a financial advisor, you should ensure you’re partnering with the right person for you; someone you can trust and work with for the long haul. Here are a few questions to ask to learn more about them before you hire a financial advisor.
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Ensuring Your Family’s Financial Future Before You Leave

You can’t control the future. But here are 3 simple steps to help you safeguard your family's financial future now.
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3 Ways to Simplify & Streamline Your Finances

If the thought of deep diving into your financial assets has you feeling stressed, you aren’t alone. Managing your finances doesn’t have to be such a cause for concern. Your finances should support your ambitions and care for your loved ones, not add to your workload.
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Concerned About Longevity? Three Mistakes to Avoid

Longevity is often cheered as an achievement, but the downside of living well beyond one's average life expectancy is that it can strain (or worse, completely deplete) an individual's financial resources.
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Do You Have a Plan for Your Digital 'Estate'?

Even people who think they've ticked off all of the usual boxes on their estate-planning to-do lists may have overlooked an increasingly important component of the process: ensuring the proper management and orderly transfer of their digital assets.
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Financial Aid for College: A Few Tips

Key to understanding financial aid eligibility is learning how financial aid formulas work. They're rather complex and vary from school to school, but they basically use answers to questions about family income, assets, and size to help arrive at a special number known as the expected family contribution, or EFC.
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