Asset Allocation

Finding the perfect balance between risk and return

Find the right balance for every goal

A little peace of mind goes a long way. And that’s what asset allocation provides — peace of mind that your investment strategy aligns with your goals, timeframe and risk profile.

First, we consider your goal; what’s your objective with this investment? Saving for your first home will look a little different than saving for retirement. Then we consider your timeframe; will you need to realize these investments in one year or in 30? Finally, we assess your risk tolerance; which are comfortable investments for you and which are outside your boundaries? By identifying which assets are a “no-go” and which are a “green light”, we can create an allocation strategy that keeps you comfortable while your investments stay on track.

Assets are always chosen based on your personal values, and the allocation strategy is tailored to you. By designing a portfolio that fits each family and individual, we can help you achieve every goal you set for your future.

Finding the perfect balance between risk and return isn’t always a cakewalk, but the team at Fingerlakes Wealth Management makes it easier. Trust the experience and diligent research of our advisors and allow us to create asset allocations to match your values, beliefs, and financial needs.

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